Ashover ROC post near Matlock in Derbyshire first opened in January 1938 and in 1943 was equipped with flares to warn aircraft of the high ground in the area.  In November 1959 the post was re-built underground and in 1991 it was closed.  The post was sold but a few years later it was bought by three local radio amateurs for 1000.00.  They planned to used it as a radio shack with an aluminium mast sticking up through the FSM pipe and a selection of wire antennas hanging from the BT poles.  Not long after they fitted it all out someone cut the top of the hatch off and stole all their gear.  They repaired the damage but shortly after, the post was broken into again so they gave up. The damage has been repaired and the hatch is now very secure but they have lost interest and haven't visited the post for nearly two years.

This is how Ashover ROC post  looked like in 1985

Ashover was a master post and as such was fitted with 3 channel VHF radio equipment.  Here you can see the telescopic mast fixed to the side of the ventilation shaft and the BT pole and phone line connected to the post.  This post didn't have a fence around it so the red signs were put up while the post was in use.  The location of the post allowed direct radio communication with the group control in Coventry.

Here you can see the FSM on the top of its pipe and the baffle plate fitted to the BPI pipe.  The red thing next to the hatch is the petrol can for the generator which is positioned just in front of the ventilation shaft.  The green thing next to the petrol can is the cover for the opening on the ventilation shaft to allow the antenna cables inside.

The hatch which is clad in Derbyshire stone.  The GZI is fitted to its mount.